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We offer several services to our patients in Bronx, New York.

The Morris Park Covid-19 Testing Center is currently offering three forms of COVID-19 testing at this location: 

Rapid testing

PCR testing

Antibody testing

It is highly recommended to get tested if you are/have been:


Exposed to someone with COVID-19

Experiencing symptoms

Taking precaution

Visiting family or friends

Our Mission is to offer clean, safe, and professional Covid Testing Services to every patient. 

We look forward to your next visit.

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Rapid and PCR tests are designed to detect active COVID-19 infections. Both the Rapid antigen test and the PCR test are appropriate for people who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and those who have been in close contact with someone who has been infected.

We are proud to be one of the most trusted names in the industry. We offer PCR Testing with 24-36 hour results. Most major insurances are accepted.

Antigen Testing, also known as Rapid testing, offers 15-minute results. All major insurances are accepted.

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Antibody tests look for antibodies in your immune system produced in response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Antibody Testing results within 24-36 hours are available. 

Antibody testing is highly likely to be accurate for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have experiences symptoms. 

Noticeable symptoms may include:

  • Fever

  • Loss of smell and/or taste

  • Coughing

  • Body aches

  • Shortness of breath